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Why eurofast Underfloor heating?

There are so many smart reasons to choose eurofast Underfloor heating. With eurofast underfloor heating you get the benefits with no risks. eurofast is designed to heat quickly, thanks to our smart software there is no overheating and every system is fitted and tested to European Standards.

Some of the benefits

  • Efficiency – 30% reduction in running costs compared to High temp Radiators
  • Hygienic – Eliminates dust mites - perfect for allergy sufferers
  • Effective – fast and responsive to reach target temperature
  • Flexible – Heating and Cooling possible by design
  • Aesthetics – No visual impact to interior design
  • Comfort – perfectly even temperatures throughout
  • Control – target temperature and weekly schedule for each room
  • Intelligent – operates according to the weather
  • Clean – radiant heating – no air movement – no dust
  • Refreshing – low temperature – no effect on relative humidity
  • Reliable – Designed – Installed – Commissioned: Just Right
  • Safe – No high temperatures or sharp surfaces.
  • Reliability – 50 Year guarantee on in floor pipework compares to 12 months on radiators

Customer Service

With over 30 years experience in floor heating we have provided solutions for multiple complex applications. Our back up service team have over 200 years of accumulated experience and use the latest technology to assist you. We offer break down or service contracts to fit your needs. Our systems are engineered from the most reliable pex pipe in the market to insure peace of mind. Like our system, our Service Engineers respond fast with effective precision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the eurofast system expensive?

The system is more effective and less costly than radiators.

How long does it take to warm up?

We can design the eurofast system to respond faster than radiators

Can the pipes in the floor burst?

No – the pipework is tested to 6 Bar when fitted and works at only 1.5 Bar, you must drill or damage the pipe which can be repaired by a special mechanical joint technique.

My property is old, can I have eurofast underfloor heating fitted?

Yes – of course you can, we use over 20 different techniques depending on circumstances to create the perfect solution.

What happens if I drilled through a pipe?

A small amount of water will leak out and the system will stop working – contact our service team.

Is underfloor heating a new thing?

Of course not – the Romans used underfloor heating in the 12th century by piping a warm spa spring through clay pipes. We have systems working since 1975 using modern techniques.

Can I turn off a room I don’t need?

Yes – each room is zoned separately even the en-suite’s, you can control each room separately.

Is underfloor heating expensive to run?

eurofast underfloor heating when controlled by EuroSmart Intelligent Heating Controls can reduce running costs by up to 50%

Is underfloor heating good for a Condensing Boiler?

Yes – it is much better for a Condensing Boiler as the Low return water temperatures keep the boiler in a higher efficiency mode.

Can I use underfloor heating with a heat pump?

Yes – we advise a much heavier screed around the pipes if using a heat pump to create a storage effect. eurofast underfloor heating is ideal for use with heat pumps.

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What Our Customers Say

The comfort associated with underfloor is great and I couldn’t praise them enough.

Eileen Carmody
County Kerry

50 year garantee

Eurofast Underfloor heating is a specialist product of the Eurotech Group focused on the proper use of renewable and offer consultation, design and commissioning.

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