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Our Control System

Eurosmart intelligent heating controls are a specialist product of the Eurotech Group. EuroSmart Controls are simply outstanding, this system was designed with underfloor heating in mind and creates remarkable results every time. EuroSmart is a combination of mechanical expertise and incredible software writing, bonded into a bespoke solution. Consistent Research and Development in EuroSmart Controls delivers High Performance and electronic techniques creating results beyond customers expectations.

EuroSmart Intelligent Heating Controls have the ability to provide the solution, regardless of the complexity or sophisticated requirements. EuroSmart controls all aspects of the heating system using simple touch screen interface similar to an I phone.

EuroSmart when retrofitted onto an existing underfloor heating system is guaranteed to reduce running cost by at least 30%. To date we have proven reductions of over 64% with in the customer’s words 100% improvement in comfort.

Why guess when to set your heating when EuroSmart works it out for you.


EuroSmart was introduced to the underfloor heating market claiming the Best Sustainable Product award at Plan Expo that same year and Best Interior Design Product at Plan Expo in 2007.

Due to continuous research and development the system is constantly improving to meet customer needs. The EuroSmart system was again acknowledged at the Sustainable Building Show 2010 claiming the Overall Product of the Show Award for its innovation ease of use and sustainability.

EuroSmart is the least expensive renewable heating solution available in the market, which creates the greatest savings with only a three year pay back.

EuroSmart predictive learning manages your heating by continuously monitoring and adjusting.

Up-Grade To EuroSmart Intelligent Heating Controls

Up-Grade To EuroSmart Intelligent Heating Controls Allow eurofast underfloor heating specialists to incorporate our EuroSmart intelligent controls to your system, providing fast, responsive and cost effective results. EuroSmart will transform your existing heating system so dramatically it will seem as though you have had the entire system replaced. Call us today to find out more.

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What Our Customers Say

My heating bill is reduced - DESPITE the winter we have just had (2010). I don’t know why I didn’t put in eurofast underfloor heating years ago.

Michael Pentony, Co. Louth

50 year garantee

Eurofast Underfloor heating is a specialist product of the Eurotech Group focused on the proper use of renewable and offer consultation, design and commissioning.


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